Trespa TopLab Base vs. TopLab Plus

Trespa TopLab phenolic resin tops continue to be a popular choice for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), architects, engineers, caseworkers, and laboratory planners because they are lightweight, antimicrobial, resistant (scratch, wear, impact, chemical), environmentally friendly and budget conscious.

While field personnel become comfortable with the performance and aesthetics of Trespa TopLab, many ask what are the differences between Trespa TopLab Base and Plus?


Let’s start by saying Trespa TopLab Plus is a great choice for chemical and physical laboratories due to its suitability for environments where hygiene and the avoidance of contamination are integral. TopLab Plus exhibits excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents and does not support bacterial growth. The panels are manufactured single sided and have a higher price point than those of TopLab Base. TopLab Plus is also certified under Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

TopLab Base is a great choice for worktops and cabinetry as well as in educational, laboratory and institutional applications with frequent usage and regular cleaning. Impact resistance is essential and chemical resistance is not critical. TopLab Base panels are manufactured double sided and are a more economical option  than TopLab Plus.


Trespa TopLab Base and TopLab Plus are high-pressure compact laminates (HPL) fabricated with natural fibers and thermosetting resins. They are both extremely durable and offer a conditional 10 year warranty.

TopLab Base and Plus are lightweight, easy to clean and scratch, wear and impact resistant. They are certified under the GREENGUARD Gold Certification program, fabricated with wood cutting tools and machinery, and available in variety of color options to meet your design specifications.

Today’s laboratory, equipment and functional environments demand compliance with rigorous codes and standards, therefore selecting the right material is of crucial importance and Trespa TopLab products are the ideal choice for safe and durable scientific environments.

Whatever product from the Trespa TopLab line you choose, this high-pressure compact laminate (HPL), fabricated with natural fibers and thermosetting resins, will extend the lifetime of your laboratory and robotics worktops, cabinets and shelving notably. 

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