Trespa is one of our highly valued partner suppliers. They produce exclusive best in class laboratory surfaces.

All Trespa TopLab products are developed specifically for the most demanding functional and scientific applications, with high durability and long-lasting hygiene.

When fabricating such a high-spec product, there are a lot of factors that go in before it arrives at your facility. From sales, engineering, to fabrication all facets of the operation goes into delivering a top of the line product.

Hear from some of our exceptional members of the Hi-Temp team as they answer the most frequently asked questions they get when it comes to fabricating Trespa products.

Why do Customers Trust Hi-Temp with Trespa Applications?

Our experience working with Trespa and the ability to anticipate any of their needs. Through our experience with Trespa, we’ve been through so many applications and projects that we can really understand what the customer is going to go through when installing the product.

  • Chris Rudnicki: Inside Sales Representative

How does Hi-Temp Engineering Support Help Trespa Customers?

Engineering support has an important relationship with our customers that use Trespa boards because they play a vital role in the manufacturing of medical and laboratory equipment. We use our attention to detail and our manufacturing knowledge to produce parts that meet or exceed customer specifications.

  • Harrison Farnham: Application Engineer

How does Hi-Temp go the Extra Mile when Fabricating Trespa?

We make sure that all of our parts are blemish free, we go the extra mile in making sure that none of the parts touch each other because if they are stacked they could be scratched or stained. Because of that, we are really careful on how we fabricate Trespa. We fabricate one piece at a time, the first piece is inspected to make sure it comes out perfect and from there we go to finishing before going through another inspection. And from there we go to packaging and crating. 

  • Thomas Lovelace: CMC Machinist


Check out the full video interview with the Hi-Temp team on our YouTube channel!

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