Non-Metallic Materials

Peerless Hi-Temp Fabrication LLC makes a variety of sophisticated parts using quality grade laboratory surfaces, thermal grade glass polyester, mineral wool, calcium silicate, ceramic fiber and fiber cement boards for OEM equipment builders, architects, lab planners, general contractors, caseworkers, schools and end users. Products include laboratory tops, work surfaces, insulation boards, panels, blankets and rolls for refractories, furnace manufacturers, steel, gas, electrical and petrochemical industries.

Material Property Comparison

Max C° / F° Grades
1649°C / 3000°F
Duraboard 3000
1427°C / 2600°F
Duraboard 2600
1260°C / 2300°F
Duraboard RG, HD, LD, Durablanket S, RS-100
982°C / 1800°F
Marinite P, CS-85
816°C / 1500°F
Marinite A, C
732°C / 1350°F
Marinite I, M
700°C / 1292°F
Transite 1000
538°C / 1000°F
Duraboard 3000
500°C / 932°F
316°C / 600°F
Glastherm HT220, Transite HT
Max C° / F° Grades
288°C / 550°F
Glastherm HT200, Thermalate H330
250°C / 482°F
Glastherm HT250
232°C / 450°F
Thermalate H320
218°C / 425°F
Glastherm S
210°C / 410°F
166°C / 331°F
Epoxy Resin
141°C / 285°F
Trespa Toplab
130°C / 266°F
GlasGuard 1130
124°C / 255°F
104°C / 220°F

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As a leader in safety, Hi-Temp understands the importance of fabricating specialized insulation products and laboratory work-surfaces that meet your specifications.

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