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Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Peerless Hi-Temp fabricates products from a variety of ceramic fiber insulation materials for OEM equipment builders, general contractors, architects, and end users. Let us know your specifications, including thickness and surface area, and we’ll help you choose the best material to use for your application.


Unifrax Fiberfrax Duraboard products are a family of rigid, high-temperature ceramic fiber boards manufactured in a wet forming process using Fiberfrax alumina-silica fibers and binders. All Duraboard products offer low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack.


Unifrax Fiberfrax Durablankets and mats are lightweight, thermally efficient ceramic fiber insulating materials that combine the advantages of dimensional stability at high temperatures with complete resistance to thermal shock. Featuring a broad range of thermal capabilities and physical characteristics, this product family provides proven and effective solutions to a variety of heat processing

Key Products

Duraboard RG

Duraboard RG is a cost effective refractory grade ceramic fiber insulating board.

Application – For use both as a backup to dense refractories such as those used in the glass industry and as a hot face protective layer over blanket linings.

Characteristics – A rolled, ridgidized surface with a high modulus of rupture and compressive strength. High abrasion and hot gas erosion resistance.

Sheet Size – 24” x 48”: 1, 1-1/2 and 2” thicknesses

Density – 16#/sf

Operating temperature – 2300°F

Compressive Strength – 3050 psi – for 5% deformation

Thermal conductivity – 48 lb/in2 5% deformation (green)

Manufacturer – Unifrax

Duraboard HD

Duraboard HD is a ridgid, high temperature board made from bulk ceramic fibers and organic bonding agents.

Application – Ideal for use in thermal areas experiencing vibration and mechanical stress. For gaskets and seals, high temperature baffles and muffles, flue and chimney linings in furnaces and kilns, infrared element support, pouring formns for castables, expansion joints.

Characteristics – Made from Alumina, silica and organic binders. 
Low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. Easily sawed, drilled and machinable.

Sheet Size – 305 and 914mm wide; 914 and 1120mm long

Density – 433-497 kg/m3

Operating temperature – 1260°C (Melting point 1760°C)

Manufacturer – Unifrax

Duraboard LD

Duraboard LD possesses the same density and temperature rating as Duraboard RG but is manufactured to a higher dimensional tolerance and has an excellent finished surface.

Application – Insulating backup to dense refractories, brick and castables, furnace hot face linings in ceramic kilns, box furnaces and petrochemical furnaces. 
Rigid high-temperature gaskets and seals.

Characteristics – Ideal as a sandwich or core material or for use in the manufacture of components where aesthetics, quality as well as uniformity and performance is important.

Sheet Size – 1/8” th. 42×48”; 1/4 & 1/2”th. 24×36,24×48,42,48; 1”th. 24×36, 24×48

Density – 16 lb/ft3; 258 kg/m3

Operating temperature – 2300°F; 1260°C

Compressive Strength – (Green) 42lb/in2 @ 5% deformation

Dielectric strength – 27 volts/mill

Manufacturer – Unifrax

Duraboard 2600

Duraboard 2600 is a high-temperature insulating board designed to provide high stability at elevated temperatures.

Application – Full thickness refractory linings, insulating back-up to dense refractories, brick and castables. Use in ceramic kiln, box furnace and petrochemical furnace. Industrial combustion chamber construction.

Characteristics – Formulated with a blend of Fiberfrax(R) alumina-silica fibers and Fibermax(R), Unifrax’s patented polycrystalline mullite fibers. Controls shrinkage to <1.0% after 168 hours @ 2450°F/1343°C.

Sheet Size – 18×18, 24×24 and 24×48 in 1,1-1/2 and 2” th.

Density – 14 lb/ft3; 224 kg/m3

Operating temperature – 2600°F; 1427°C

Compressive Strength – (Green) 22lb/in2 @ 5% deformation

Dielectric strength – 27 volts / mil

Manufacturer – Unifrax

Duraboard 3000

Duraboard 3000 is the highest temperature rated board made by Unifrax. 

Application – Full thickness refractory linings, thermal insulation where high velocities are encountered. Industrial combustion chamber construction.

Characteristics – Provides maximum high-temperature stability and shrinkage resistance. Controls shrinkage to 1.2% after 168 hours @ 2700°F/1482°C.

Sheet Size – 18×18, 24×24 and 24×48 in 1,1-1/2 and 2” th.

Density – 14 lb/ft3; 224 kg/m3

Operating temperature – 3000°F; 1649°C

Compressive Strength – (Green) 42lb/in2 @ 5% deformation

Dielectric strength – 27 volts /mil

Manufacturer – Unifrax

Durablanket S

Fiberfrax® Durablanket S is a strong, lightweight and flexible needled ceramic fiber insulation for a broad spectrum of application problems.

Application – Furnace, kiln, reformer and boiler rings, investment casting mold wrappings, furnace door linings and seals, high temperature gasketing.

Characteristics – Excellent handling and hot strength, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, thermal shock resistance, excellent thermal stability, sound absorption and fire protection.

Roll size – 1/4 to 2” thicknesses. 24” – 48” wide.

Operating Temperature – 2300°F

Manufacturer – Unifrax

Fiber & Paper

Fiberfrax® Paper is a chemically stable ceramic fiber insulating paper in utility, standard and premium grades.

Application – Refractory back-up, fire protection, thermal insulation, hot gas filtration media, molten metal and spark protection, high temperature gasket, separator or parting agent.

Characteristics – Uniform, lightweight and flexible. Alumino-silicate fibers in a nonwoven matrix.

440 Paper – Utility grade

110,550,970 paper – Standard grade

880, HAS paper – Premium grade

Roll size – Contact us for thickness and roll length information

Manufacturer – Unifrax


RS-100 is a ceramic fiber reinforced structural alumina composite board.

Application – Induction melting, forging and heat treating, investment casting, glass processing, hot pressing and high-temperature applications.

Sheet Size – 24×48 in 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2 and 2” th.

Density – 130 pcf

Operating temperature – 2300°F

Compressive Strength – 10,000 psi (2% compression)

Thermal conductivity – 4.4 (392°F)

Arc Resistance – 420 seconds

Manufacturer – ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc.

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