Selecting the right TopLab for your application

Whether you are selecting a table top for scientific surfaces or determining the construction of original equipment, choosing the right material for the job is an important decision. For many applications where we see surface material used in the field, Trespa TopLab is a leader in meeting the practical needs these surfaces must provide. While specific uses can vary depending on each unique purpose, a frequently asked question is “what are common use cases for Trespa TopLab Base and Plus?”

What is the difference between TopLab Base vs. TopLab Plus?

To shed light on their distinctions, Trespa TopLab Base phenolic tops are identified as a scientific surface solution in applications where impact resistance is important, but chemical resistance is not critical.  Trespa Toplab Plus is a popular choice in applications where resistance to chemicals, cleaning agents, and not supporting bacteria growth are a crucial priority.

Ideal Applications For Trespa TopLab Base and TopLab Plus

Trespa TopLab Base

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturer products – That need a clean and presentable aesthetic from a vast color palette, complimented by surface and structural properties suitable for the fastening of robotic instruments or hardware.
  2. Cabinetry, shelving, drawers, or cubbies – Requires scratch resistance and durability over time with varying thicknesses and capacity for machining. While also being able to assist in the quick installation of handles and hinges. 
  3. Workstation screens and partitions for privacy – Where frequent cleaning of the surface is expected and the material needs to maintain its structural integrity.

Trespa TopLab Plus

  1. Educational and Institutional laboratories – That require resistance to heat and strength against aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents. Along with the need for physical durability, it requires little maintenance.
  2. Clinical laboratories – For its chemical resistance and non-porous properties which provide an easy to clean surface.
  3. Research and testing laboratories – With the surface having hygienic properties such as antibacterial attributes, it proves suitable for contact with food and beverages.
  4. Cleanrooms – That necessitates compliance with rigorous cleanliness standards.
  5. Machine and automobile shops – Where work cells with customer accessible surfaces are displayed as a showpiece, providing chemical resistant properties while being easy to clean and long lasting under such maintenance.

Whatever the application you require a surface material for, whether you are using or considering epoxy, polypropylene, or stainless steel for your application, there may be several benefits of phenolic tops from a quality, appearance and cost perspective.  

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